Visual programming for not programmers

Block DS18B20 temperature sensor (DS18S20, DS1822)

The unit allows to use temperature sensors DS18B20 , DS18S20, DS1822.
The sensors are connected to the bus OneWare in accordance with the scheme.

The project can be implemented more tires OneWare. In the dialog box settings, you must specify the bus OneWare is connected to the sensor, sensor address and sensor type

Address and sensor type can be read using the tool "Scan bus OneWare"

To determine the address and type of sensor you need to follow a few simple steps

Possible scanning of several sensors. To determine which sensor belongs to which address it is possible to heat or cool the sensor and to monitor changes in current readings. When you double-click on the sensor, the window for changing the comment for the sensor. After defining the sensors the data can be saved to a file. You can use one file to store data about the discovered devices OneWare, I2C, and the scanned codes of the remote control buttons IR. When you select an existing file, the program will add the found sensor to a file. Selection dialog ' sensor choose from the file only the sensors on the bus OneWare

The second option you can specify the address and the type of sensor is the use of the array. This method is convenient when used in conjunction with the unit "Scanning I2C bus".Using the same array in both of the units can provide automatic detection ' and the type of the array. In the unit, you need to use an array of type Byte size is 9 elements. In the first eight elements contain the address of the sensor, in the ninth element of its type.

In order to create the array click "Create" and in the opened window fill in the settings for the new array

To fill the array with initial values you must click "Fill" and in the opened window fill in the necessary details

To cancel initializing the array, you should press the "Clean" button