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Expander input - output MCP23017

Block is for use in the circuits of the extension of input - output MCP23017

The MCP23017 chip adds 16 ports that can be configured as an input or output.
IC MCP23017 you can build up to 8 units on a single I2C bus, for example, using 3 wires (+power) it is possible to separate them through the apartment to reduce the number of wires to the sensors and the actuators. Each chip sets the address via pins A0,A1,A2 as binary, connecting them to minus or plus.

Wiring diagram for Arduino

To configure the block in the block editor

Before using the unit or that the input / output chip, you need to first specify the purpose. If you assign it to the entrance and put a tick to "Use" the unit will appear on the corresponding output. And accordingly, if the input / output chip configured to output block it is shown as the input unit. It is possible to use the same input - output chip in a few blocks. When the chip selection (') already used in other blocks will be shown the settings of the inputs / outputs of the chips made in other blocks.

Attention - if You change the settings of the input / output chip (by changing the assignment of input/output) these settings apply to all blocks using this chip.

Address setting chip