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Block to work with a matrix keypad

Block is used for operation of the matrix keyboard. In a matrix keyboard buttons are connected between line-line and line number. Lines lines lines and rows can be a different number.

Example matrix keyboard

In the properties box, you can set the number of rows and number of rows. In accordance with this formed block outs. The output name is generated as follows:

C xP

"line number"

"number of row"

So when clicking between the first row and the first row will lead to high-level output С1хР1, and the push of a button between the second row and the third row is the output С3хР2 .

Originally rows and rows are not connected and marked in red. Rows and rows are connected to digital pins of the controller. To bind a string or number to pin number necessary to make double click on a specific row, or line. This opens the selection dialog pina

These actions are necessary to make for all ranges and lines

Please note. Unit detects simultaneous pressing of two buttons. Simultaneous pressing of three buttons leads to incorrect determination of the pressed keys. This is due to the keyboard scheme.