Visual programming for not programmers

Led driver MAX7219

The unit is designed to control the LEDs via the chip MAX7219. Often this chip is used in circuit boards control the led matrices or seven-segment indicators

Wiring diagram for the Board

The setting unit is in the editor block. You first need to create a bus to connect the chip

On the same bus can connect up to 8 chips. You can also choose an existing bus

After creating or selecting a bus device will be automatically assigned a room on the bus. This number can be changed.
Then select the type of managed indicator.

You can set the brightness of the led (0-15), or to assign to this input. You can also add a logon for cleaning of the indicator. In the presence of 1 on the indicator is not displayed.

When you select seven-segment indicator need to choose one of three types of management.

a) mode Setting is "Single sign-on for all discharges"

You can choose the direction of alignment of text on the display or to assign to this input. You can also assign inputs to control points. When you input numbers with a dot or period character, it will appear on the display and takes precedence over the entrance. Such inputs can be assigned to all control modes

b) mode Settings "Separate entrances for each of the four digits"

You can select the alignment direction of the text on each of the four indicators or assign for this inputs.

c) mode Setting "Separate entrances for each digit"

When choosing a 8x8 matrix it is also necessary to choose a method of control.

a) In the case of selecting one of the array, you must create or choose an array of Byte consisting of eight elements. Each element represents the number controls the illumination of a single row of LEDs. for example, the number 1 is binary 00000001, that is, will burn only the last led, and the number 2 is 00000010 - burn will be the second to last led in the string. And so on. This array will be available for selection in other modules of working with arrays, so you can dynamically control the operation of the matrix.

b) In the case of the mode to display multiple arrays, you must create or select the arrays to be displayed if their number matches the number input into "Index". Arrays are also available in other modules of working with arrays

To simplify the creating and modifying of an array, you can use graphical editor

When clicking on the led it changes its state