Visual programming for not programmers

Sending data to website narodmon.ru

Block is used to send data to a popular service narodmon.ru. In the block settings you need to specify the Mac of your device to be registered on the service website. It can be created from the MAC address of your Schild.

On the tab you want to add one or more inputs to send data to the service. In the properties for the login, specify the login name and sensor ID on the service website

Registration on the website

Go to the website, click the button "Login", then "I'm here for the first time. Enter your E-Mail and wait for the mail with her email.

Login in the system.

Now click "My dashboard", then "Add". Enter the MAC address specified in the properties block. Now the system should display the connected temperature sensors and temperature on them. You can specify the location of the thermometer on the map and give the signature to the sensors.