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Reading the value of the panel item Nextion HMI

Block is used to read the value of the parameter of the element interface generated in the panel Nextion HMI. Select item and parameter, is made in the editor block.

First select or create a panel. Existing in the project panel, you can choose from the dropdown list. To create a new panel click the button with the + on the right panel. Window opens added panel.

In this dialog you must select the UART port is connected to the panel, and configure it if necessary. It is also necessary to specify the name of the panel.
In this dialogue there is the possibility to add comments to the panel, create pages and elements included in the page.
After selecting or creating a panel, you must select or create a page. When you click add page opens the corresponding window.

In this window you should enter the page name and ID, which were received in the interface editor Nextion HMI while creating this page

Set "Start page" when starting the controller to be migrated to this village. If this box not be installed on any page, homepage will be the page with the lowest ID.
Also in this window it is possible to add items to this page.
After you select or create the page you need to select or create a parameter element which will be read by this unit. To add an item just click add. Opens the add element

In this window you must select the type of the element type, name, ID. As in the case of global visibility of the element you have to select "Global". These parameters can be found in the interface editor Nextion HMI

After selecting or creating the item, select the parameter whose value will be read. The different elements of the parameter list is different. The list of parameters change with the type of element.

Polling mode, you can choose from three options:
1. "The survey in each cycle". In this mode, the survey will be carried out in each cycle of program execution. It is not recommended as this mode is very heavy controller and increases the run time of the program.
2."The rising edge at the input Get.
3. "Periodically". The survey is done periodically with a predetermined period of time