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Block read data from the sensor PT112 NooLite

Block is used to read data from the wireless temperature sensor PT112 Noolite.
Temperature sensor PT112 designed to measure temperature or use as a thermostat.

PT112 can operate in one of two modes:
In the "Sensor" is information about current temperature
In the "Thermostat" sensor maintains the set temperature. Sending a value of 1 occurs if the temperature fell below a set threshold.

Appearance sensor PT112.

Before using you must install the batteries in the sensor.
Their installation is performed with the removed back cover of the sensor according to the guidelines (+)/(-) on the case.
To validate the installation, you can by briefly pressing the service button should blink the led.
Closing the lid sensor, you must select one of two modes of operation and set if necessary the threshold

The procedure of binding/unbinding

In order that the controller could accept commands from the sensor, you need to complete the pairing process.
For this receiver (MR1132) should be converted into binding mode (using block binding to the channel). After that you need short-term( <1 second) press the service button to send a command binding.


In this mode, the sensor transmits information about the current temperature on the receiver MR1132
The survey period sensor ~ 64 seconds.
To reduce the power consumption data transmission is made at a time when the temperature value changes by more than 0.5°C.
If within 1 hour the temperature change does not exceed the specified limits, the sensor automatically transmits the information with the current temperature.
This allows us to determine that the sensor is working properly. The regulator "Threshold" in the "Sensor" is not used.

In this mode, the sensor performs the function of the thermostat.
This allows you to use the sensor to maintain a constant room temperature electrical heaters (fan heaters, convectors, heaters).
The sensor acts as a device that sends commands on/off.
When the temperature drops below the set threshold command is sent for switching the output State of the block will appear 1).
When the temperature reaches a predetermined threshold, a command is sent to turn off (output "State" block is 0).
Command on/off are transmitted at the moment of transition of the temperature through the threshold and then again after 30 minutes.
The repeat command allows the heater's guaranteed to take the necessary state, even if the last command on/off switch was ignored due to interference.


When it detects the battery is getting low the sensor reports that three short flashes of the led indicator, repeated every 8 seconds. Also the output "Batt" block appears 1.

It is also possible to state value with additional analogovih the sensor input. This value is represented by 8-bit unsigned integer. This number is equal to 255, because the entrance has a lift to the minus of the sensor supply via a resistor of 390 kOm. Upon closure of the contact pads 1 and 2 read number is 0. This input can be used to control amount of light (using a photoresistor with resistance 100-500 kOm) or as a water leak sensor. The sensing element is connected to pads 1 and 2.

Reading from an analog input is executed every time the sensor transmits the temperature PT112.

The unit is configured using the block editor.

Customizing the "Sensor" / "Thermostatic" must necessarily correspond to the same sensor configuration