Visual programming for not programmers

Piezo speaker

The blockis designed to generate a digital signal pins rectangular "wave", at a given frequency and 50% duty cycle. The signal generated in the presence of high level on the EN input. The duration can be set by parameter velechiny input "ST" or constantas in the properties block. If you select continuous mode, a signal is generated until the EN input is high level. If you select continuous mode and the availability of input frequency the signal frequency changes immediately when you change the values on the input F, and in the case of a signal duration, the values of letalnost and frequency are applied on the rising edge on the EN input. To the digital pins can be connected to a piezo or other speaker to reproduce the signal.

Playable at a time only one signal.

The use of the unit will need to use PWM on digital pins 3 and 11 (except for the Arduino Mega).