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Nonlinear scaling (Poligon)

The unit is designed to scale the input signal according to the nonlinear law in accordance with the table of points of inflection. As the values of the inflection points can act as constants and the values applied to the input of the unit. The task of inflection points happening in the editor block, with chart scaling. Inflection points in the correct block must be at least two. Inflection graph is drawn in the presence of at least two points given by constants

In the property editor block at selection point in the table highlighted in red the corresponding point on the graph and Vice versa, when you click on the point on the graph stands out-point corresponding point in the table.

To add a new point to the table you must click "Add point". This opens a dialog to add a point.

The points table of the inflections possible to export to a file format .fpp (the native format of the program) or .csv (Excel). It is also possible to import list of points from these formats. Format .csv, the first column should be the input values, and the second weekend.