Visual programming for not programmers

Unit to work with the program RemoteXY
(remote control via Bluetooth)

Block is used to interact with the program RemoteXY, through which you can create your own management interface of the controller with your phone, tablet, or other Android device

To create your own interface, you must visit the project site RemoteXY http://remotexy.com/ru/ and use the online editor to create the necessary management interface. In the project settings to choose FLProg IDE

Then click on the link "Get source code" and copy the resulting code to the clipboard.
The program FLProg to make a working area diagram block Remote management via RemoteXY" in the block editor, click the "Upload description". In the opened window, paste the code from the clipboard.
If necessary, you can install a check box "Output connection status". While the unit will exit the "CS" which when connecting the controller with the program "RemoteXY" will be logical 1.

Based on the description of the block will form the inputs and outputs corresponding to the interface developed on the site. In the editor block will be shown with explanations of each input and output. The names of the inputs and outputs correspond to the names selected in the editor on the website.
The same will be pre-configured device settings that were specified on the website when you created the project

Для работы блока необходимо выбрать устройство UART. В диалоге выбора устройства представлены все доступные для данного устройства порты включая программный SoftwareSerial

For SoftwareSerial in addition, you need to select the numbers of the pins RX and TX

Block Remote management via RemoteXY in the schema there can be only one. The UART device for this block is available only not used by any other blocks. UART device that employs block unavailable for other blocks.

For Android devices you must download the program RemoteXY (http://remotexy.com/ru/download/)