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Receive data from UART

Block is used to receive data from the UART. The block parameters are configured in the block editor.

To operate the unit, you need to choose the UART device. In the selection dialog lists all devices available for this device ports including software SoftwareSerial

For SoftwareSerial in addition, you need to select the numbers of the pins RX and TX

The block has three possible types of data output: String or Char Bytе.
In the case of the selection of types Bytе or Char output will change when you receive each new byte. When choosing the type String, there is a choice of modes of accumulation. Thus the output will be the string to which the reception of each byte will be added to the symbol. To purge the line will be the appearance of the leading edge at the input R.

When you install the checkbox " Output "New data">> the unit appears to output "A" , which each receive a new byte will be added a short (one program cycle) pulse