Visual programming for not programmers

The reception variable of the ring

The unit is designed to accept variables from a network of controllers connected in a ring via UART.

The output of block will be the value of variable passed with block Sending the variable to the ring.
In the properties block, you must select or create the connection Board to the ring. It is also necessary to create or choose from existing transmitted variable.

When adding a new port, you should select the connection port and speed, and in the case of connection via the software UART to select pins for signals RX and TX

It is also necessary to specify the device name in the ring (only Latin characters and numbers).
For easy management of devices in the ring, you can choose or create file list of variables of the ring. Thanks to him the list of variables in each of the connected to the ring (and therefore the file) will be automatically updated.

When you create a variable you must select the variable name and its type.

The parameters for the connected rings, the list of variables of the ring can be viewed and edited in the project tree

Changing the ring parameters in the project tree is made using a context menu invoked at the appropriate point of the tree