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Sending variable to UART

The unit serves to transmit the state at its input through a Serial port, another Arduino Board or computer. The transmitted data type is determined automatically when you attach the entrance. Each block has its own index, which is automatically assigned as the first free specific Serial port.

The block name is created as follows:
SV – Send Variable (Passed variable)
1 – the index of the variable
CP – Comport
0 – the number of the Com port.

Parameterization of the block.

To operate the unit, you need to choose the UART device. In the selection dialog lists all devices available for this device ports including software SoftwareSerial

For SoftwareSerial in addition, you need to select the numbers of the pins RX and TX

Modes of data transfer:

<> Variable is sent when it changes.

<> - the Variable is sent once per specified period of time

To simplify the configuration of the blocks accept variable on the receiving side, it is possible to upload a description of all variables transmitted in the form of a csv file.

The use of this file is described in the block accept a variable.

The format of the transmitted data