Visual programming for not programmers

Request Web client

This block is used to create one Web request of the client. In the block properties on the tab 'Device' it is necessary to specify the communication unit through which to query, configure the device, if this is the first unit with this device. It is also necessary to specify the address and port of the server to which you want to connect. In addition to tab, you can create the output, which will display the server response and output connection status. In the case of a successful connection with the server , it will set to high level, and in the case of a failed – low. Also, if necessary, the output of the server response, only the body of the page without the header and footer need to tick 'Only the body'. Sending a request is performed on the rising edge at the input "Enable"

On the 'Inputs' tab, you can create an inputs block, a value which later can be used in the request body.

On the 'Body page' you can write the HTML code of the query that is sent to the server. In the place where you want to display the value with inputs of the block need to insert their names. The compiler automatically insert instead of a login code is required.
When using the WiFi module it is necessary to consider that in the current release, the WiFi module can only execute one function or the variable transmission, or reception of a variable, or it may be Web server or Web client.
The same conditions should be considered when using the module ENC28J60