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Relay comparison







Relay comparison compares two analog signals applied to the inputs "A" and "B", in accordance with a selected condition and, in the case of this condition, includes a coil.

Condition types:
1. Equals ("A" = "B");
2. More ("And">");
3. Less ("A" < "B");
4. Greater than or equal to ("And" >= "In");
5. Less than or equal to ("And" <= "B");
6. Not equal to ("And" ~ "In").

Relay comparison in the diagram is created by dragging from the library elements. While the coil is created without reference.

Bind and rebind relay comparison is permissible in the following ways:
1. Drag the coil-free digital input / output.
2. Editor block:

The binding is made by double-clicking on the desired input-output controller. The first line of the menu always proposes the creation of an intermediate relay with a first free index. When binding to the input / output controller, contacts of the coil cannot be used. When creating an intermediate relay, the number of contacts the relay is unlimited and they can be used anywhere in the schema after it is created.