Visual programming for not programmers


Contact displays the status of the digital inputs or intermediate and special relay. There are two types of contacts: normally-closed and normally-open.

Normally-open contact

Normally-closed contact

Contacts on the diagram can be created in several ways:
1. Drag and drop on the diagram from library of elements. At the same time contact is created
without binding.
2. Drag and drop on the diagram of the free digital admission - an output, digital
input of the intermediate or special relay from the tree set
equipment. At the same time contact is created directly bound to the device,
which was dragged.

Bind and rebind of the contacts is made in the following ways:
1. Dragging to a contact free digital input / output digital the entrance to intermediate or special relays of wood installed equipment.
2. Editor block:

The binding is made by double-clicking on the desired set device