Visual programming for not programmers

Receiving a variable from UART

The unit is receiving data transmitted via the Com port with another Arduino Board or computer. The type of received data is selected in accordance with the type of transmitted data with the selected index.

The block name is created as follows:
RV –Receive Variable (variable is Taken)
1 – the index of the variable
CP – Comport
0 – the number of the Com port.

Parameterization of the block.

To operate the unit, you need to choose the UART device. In the selection dialog lists all devices available for this device ports including software SoftwareSerial

For SoftwareSerial in addition, you need to select the numbers of the pins RX and TX

To simplify the configuration of the unit have the opportunity to select a variable from a csv file created in the project, which transmits data (creating this file is described in the transmission unit variable). To do this, you must click "Load from file"

Check the box next to "save file" is used to bind a file to the project. After binding there is no need every time to look for it on disk. When removing this option, the project 'forgets' about the file.

The format of the received data