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Save variable on the SD card

Block is used to write variable in log file on the SD card connected to Arduino via a special shield. When you add a unit in the project must be parameterized. In the module properties if the project never used the SD card you want to connect

In the dialog to create a new SD card You need to select which pin will be connected to the control input of the reader.
You will then need to choose the file to write the variable from the existing in project, or create a new one

Then enter the name of the variable, If necessary, enter a comment for this variable. Review can also be created dynamically during program operation, and an input "Coment".
If you want to save recording time variable, it is necessary to install a tick "to Save time" and choose the existing in the project real-time clock or plug in a new one.

The rising edge at the input "Save" the input value "Value" will be added to Your chosen file. If the file is not on the map lists it will be created.
To be stored as a file in CSV format which EXCEL understands. For that would correctly EXEL opened it he must have extension .csv. You can also open it with any text editor.
Data is stored the following way.
Variable name;variable Type;the recording Time(if selected saving time);the value of the variable at the time of entry;comment.
In single file, you can write an unlimited number of variables.
Please note that when you safely remove the card from the card reader you want to ensure the impossibility of the appearance of the leading edge at the input "Save" at the time of withdrawal and lack of cards.